Map of places

City Maps can add attractions, theaters, clubs, galleries, restaurants and other interesting locations of the city. To find necessary location, just select your location and topics that you are interested in then the site will display all possible options on the map.


Detailed description

You can add a detailed description and contacts of each place. In description, add detailed information about the place, upload a photo to a gallery and a logo, add contacts and links to the site and the social network.


How to get there

When you click on the ‘Route’ button, the system will automatically build a route on Google Maps or Waze from your location to the location that you are interested in.


Mode of work

You can add mode of operation on your own or import information from Google Maps.


Poster event on the location

If there is any activity on the location, users will quickly get to know about it.



After submitting an application for activation of the’ Reservation’ module on this location, it will be possible to order online services.


Price List

The owners of locations can add a price list for their services. After that the user will be able to order any of these services online.


The places around me

With one click, the user receives all the information about the location that is next to him.



We take care that the information is accurate and users could choose only the best locations. Therefore, you can share your ratings on the site or help others.


Integration with Google

Thanks to integration with Google Maps, most of the information is downloaded on the site automatically. It makes administrating of resource easier and speeds up adding of information.


Virtual tours

For each location you can connect a 3D tour that has already been applied on Google Maps.